Why shift to solar power with Keeping California Clean?

Make money by Going Green

We provide you with a FREE consultation on how to turn your roof into a money making machine.
Going green AND generating a monthly income AND Keeping California Clean?!

Roof Inspection and Repair

We check the roofing structure of your home to make sure it is safe for a solar panel structure. Our team will undertake any roofing improvement services that your home might require

Material Supply

We supply and install the solar power systems at your home or commerce. At KCC we do not believe in hidden fees, and our prices include Material Supply, Permits, Blue prints, and Installation


We provide a full satellite image and a site assessment design to show our customers where the panels and the system will be installed, making sure it does not affect the beauty of your house

Blue prints & Permits

When our clients choose to work with us, there are no hidden fees or extra costs. Our prices are out-the-door and include required Permits and Blueprints as required by local regulations


We guide you through various tax-rebate and saving programs related to Solar regulations in your neighborhood, ensuring you maximize profits from your electric bills, as well as contributing to Keeping California Clean!

What we do best

Solar Power

Our core business has been residential solar power projects. We have been providing turnkey solutions to homeowners since 2016, offering FREE installation and ZERO down payment.

Home Improvement

KCC remodeling provides a wide variety of Home Improvement services, from tiles to Roof, while offering our esteemed customers an array of financing companies we trust and deal with.


Our relationship with our clients lasts forever, as we provide maintenance services to all solar power projects, ensuring our customers are always satisfied while Keeping California Clean!

What we offer





In Keeping California Clean‘s journey to excellence, and through our hard and honest work, we are happy to share certain key milestones we have recently achieved, which is only reflected in our customers’ satisfaction

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